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In 2006, Nikki Tinker refused to say where she stood on any actual issues in the congressional primary, instead allowing surrogates to attack Steve Cohen for (a) not being black and (b) ridiculous misinterpretations of bills he voted for.

And in 2007, she still refuses to speak out on the issues, deigning to do the attack work for herself only when Steve Cohen accurately points out the game she’s playing.

From the city’s best newspaper:

“Rep. Cohen is playing the worse [sic] kind of politics and attempting to lay his failure to have a positive and constructive dialogue with the constituents at my feet — and his accusations are pure fiction. I am not going to play the politics of divide and conquer with Rep. Cohen — my values simply will not allow it.”

She says a lot in that brief statement.  She tells us she doesn’t like having her hand tipped— She wants her surrogates to Swift Boat Steve Cohen, but she doesn’t like being pointed out as the George W. Bush of Memphis politics, thus benefiting from their attacks.

Note what she doesn’t say— She doesn’t say where she stands on this issue.  She doesn’t say how she would vote on a bill that allowed for the use of federal resources in investigating hate crimes.

According to the FBI, 53.9% of hate crimes in 2004 were committed because of racial bias, with an astounding 67.5% of the victims being black.  Bias based on sexual orientation made up just 15.6% of the hate crimes.

Almost three and a half times as many hate crimes are committed against blacks as against homosexuals— Yet Nikki Tinker’s surrogates oppose a law that allows federal resources to be used in the investigation of those crimes?

As I’ve said before, reading the bill tells you what you need to know about it.   There is nothing in the language of the bill that says that you cannot preach against homosexuality.  All that you cannot do is all that you could not do before— You cannot stand in the pulpit and encourage violence against gays.  You couldn’t do that before this bill either, as it’s illegal to incite violence against another human being.

And let’s be perfectly honest here— If you stand at the pulpit and encourage violence against another human being, you’re not exactly a man of God.  He has a place for people that fan the flames of hate and encourage violence against others, and I would forget about getting an iced tea down there.


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So it’s come to my attention that there are some upset voters in District 89.

Jeanne Richardson signs are popping up all over the district. The problem is that not everyone who now has a Richardson sign in the front yard is someone that actually requested one.

For anyone that’s familiar with Memphis politics at all, you’ll recognize the tactic. People involved with the Ford campaigns (And as I’ve pointed out before, there is definitely some overlap) have a tendency to do that. I’ve seen it firsthand myself— I went to a Ford event, came out, and found his bumper sticker stuck to my car.

Congressman Steve Cohen, whose successful congressional campaign was managed by Richardson’s opponent Kevin Gallagher, has made it clear that he supports Gallagher and will intervene in this race directly if there were any more shenanigans in this race.

Will this be what it takes? Are the unnamed people running the Richardson campaign reckless enough to want to trigger that?

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Okay, I’m not really sure who calls it, that, but really, it’s beside the point.

For all those who are unfortunate enough to be represented by “The 59“, I wanted to take this opportunity to show you what a real congressman, a real Democrat, looks like.

See, he could have taken the easy road like The 59 did. His predecessor carved out a comfortable niche for himself voting like The 59. Had he remained in office, I would surely be here talking about “The 60”. That’s just who he was.

He sat in one of the greatest Democratic strongholds in this nation, and instead of building a stronger Democratic base by showing actual spine, he caved time after time. He became the favorite Democrat of Ann Coulter, Don Imus, and Chris Matthews— Which you cannot achieve if you actually remain faithful to any of the ideals of the party.

Steve Cohen went about it a different way. When the two paths diverged in the snowy wood, he took the one less travelled. He’s actually exhibiting something we see rarely in the hallowed halls of Washington— It’s called courage.

For rather than becoming a Bush flunkie as The 59 did, he’s reducing Bush flunkies to stammering, flop-sweating nervous wrecks.

This is how you build a movement. You do not build it by choosing your fights carefully and retreating for cover when the petulant man-child occupying the Oval Office threatens to hold his breath until he gets his way. You build it by fighting for what’s right, regardless of whether it’s politically expedient or not.

Steve Cohen could easily have made it “The 60” just as his predecessor would have done. He would have enjoyed a brief “attaboy” from the people that think sticking a yellow ribbon magnet on their Hummers amounts to “supporting the troops”. And just as The 59 have done, he would experience a brief surge in popularity among the people that don’t plan to vote for him next time around.

Or he can vote to quit sending American soldiers to die in a war with no true objective and grow the progressive movement by grilling the Right one sacred cow at a time.

For those of you that are still hanging in there, I would recommend popping some popcorn right now. Gather the family around your computer screen. True, it’s just six minutes and change, but you’ll want to watch it again and again.

And enjoy as Congressman Steve Cohen makes Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the most powerful lawyer in the land, as nervous as a pimple-faced fifteen-year-old asking his prom date “May I see your boobies?”

God, this footage would make a great campaign commercial.

Thank you, Congressman Cohen.

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A certain person who shall remain nameless has been trying to drum up support for Jeannie Richardson in the District 89 Democratic Primary by telling anyone who sits still for too long that Congressman Steve Cohen didn’t even want Kevin Gallagher running for office.

A stroll down Cohen’s street shows you just how much the word of this individual can be trusted. These are pictures of Congressman Cohen’s house.

The people of District 89 deserve better than this. The choice of who represents them in the House of Representatives should be based on facts and issues— Not on the false word of a bullshit artist.

This particular person has motives that have absolutely nothing to do with getting the best representation for District 89. He’s simply trying to remain relevant within the Democratic Party— He decided decades ago that the best thing he could do is hitch up to the Ford Family train, and I suppose it never occurred to him that it might derail at some point. Now, he’s like a shipwreck survivor— Just looking for something to hang onto so he can keep his head above water.

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