Imagine if you will two scenarios:

  1. Senator Larry Craig is allowed to enter into a civil union, perhaps even a gay marriage, with the man of his choice. His personal life remains unremarkable, and he lives out his days pushing a conservative agenda while going to a stable home every chance he gets.OR
  2. Senator Larry Craig marries a woman, adopts several children, is implicated in 1982 for having sex with male teenage congressional pages, denies all stories about his homosexuality, and trolls bathrooms from the Minneapolis Airport to Union Station looking for gay sex, all the while consistently voting against reinstating the rights that are denied to gays in an attempt to avoid suspicion that he might be (Gasp!) gay himself.

He’s not a homosexual. He just plays one in the bathroom.

Craig’s defense: “I’m not gay. I just take a wide stance in the bathroom.” If I was that full of shit, I would probably take a wider stance while seated on the toilet as well.

Craig is far from alone in being a gay Republican. Even if you discount Jeff Gannon (Technically, he was getting paid for it, so he might have been straight in his personal life) and Matt Sanchez, the gay porn star that won the Jeane Kirkpatrick Award at CPAC, you’re still left with Mark Foley, David Dreier (Passed over as Majority Leader in 2005 for being gay), and Jim Kolbe.   Matt Drudge was outed by several, including former gay Republican David Brock (Who said in Blinded by the Right that there are several prominent gay Republicans in Washington DC that call themselves the “Laissez Fairies“). Even commentator Armstrong Williams paid $200,000 to settle out of court with a male employee that he made unwanted sexual advances towards on 50 separate occasions.

Not counting Kolbe, the only openly gay Republican congressman, that’s one seriously crowded closet.

I couldn’t list my nearest and dearest without a lesbian couple, and I couldn’t have done so fifteen years ago without naming a gay couple that, as of last I heard, were still together after thirty years.

I don’t like privilege. That’s what you call it when you enjoy a right that is denied to others. I believe in rights. I have the right to marry the consenting adult of my choice because I gravitated towards a certain set of parameters— I’m attracted to members of the opposite sex. It was not a conscious choice I made any more than it was a conscious choice they made (And no Governor Richardson, you idiot— It’s not a choice). It’s just who we are.

In this modern age of monotheism, we’ve forgotten something that the polytheists of ancient Rome and Greece that we snicker at for their pantheon of gods knew all along— Family comes in all shapes.

Is there anything wrong with Craig or any of the others named in this piece being homosexual? Of course not. The wrong comes when they defame and hurt others who make the same choices they do.


And when she grows up…

… she wants to be a Republican Congresswoman!!

First, it was Turd Blossom, the “Boy Genius”, an operative with a predilection for leaks and a mean streak longer than our border with Mexico. Be it little girls, US Attorneys that believed that the justice system should not be misappropriated for partisan purposes, or Democrats in general, there was no one he wouldn’t demonize in his drive to devolve American politics to the level of team bloodsport. It didn’t matter who was actually wearing the red jersey simply as long as they weren’t wearing a blue jersey.

The beginning of the end for Rove was not two weeks and change ago when his departure was announced. The beginning of the end was the White House’s hamfisted targeting of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004, a political milquetoast who spent his last three years in office rolling over for the White House at almost every turn. By teaching Democrats what their reward for compromise was, he set the stage for the next two contentious years and gave the party its spine back— Which came in handy in 2006.

In the end, he demonstrated theWalter Mitty-ish grasp of reality that has been the trademark of this White House:

SIEGEL: I’m looking at all the same polls that you are looking at.
ROVE: No, you are not. I’m looking at 68 polls a week for candidates for the US House and US Senate, and Governor and you may be looking at 4-5 public polls a week that talk attitudes nationally.
SIEGEL: I don’t want to have you to call races…

ROVE: I’m looking at all of these Robert and adding them up. I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math but you are entitled to your math and I’m entitled to the math.

And then there’s Alberto “Gone-Zo” Gonzales.

One upon a time, our word was our bond. We said we wouldn’t torture, and we didn’t. While their fathers’ generation managed to subdue Germany and Japan into submission simultaneously without losing sight of American values, this Alberto Gonzales and his boss cannot take out a moderately funded terrorist group and a nation crippled by a decade of sanctions without losing sight of American values. The Geneva Conventions we signed onto? Gonezo called it “quaint“.

The administration of justice in the United States was treated no less cavalierly. He played a lead role in firing US attorneys for refusing to take part in politically motivated indictments designed to help swing an election, showed his utter contempt for Article I of the Constitution, and signed off on the warrantless surveillance that reduced civil liberties in this nation to that of Soviet-era Russia, all before trying to convince the Judiciary Committee that, while he didn’t remember who told him to fire the US attorneys, he’s certain it was neither Bush nor Cheney, two statements that in complete contradiction with one another. His resignation might help him avoid perjury charges. Then again, it might not.

And who are their replacements?

Karl Rove is being replaced as Bush Crime Family consigliere by Ed Gillespie, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, former lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute (Do you ever get the feeling that the Bush White House’s idea of diversity is hiring people from two different oil companies?) and Bristol-Myers Squibb, and former spokesman for George “Macaca” Allen. Nothing too surprising there.

More troublesome is the idea that Gonezo might well be replaced by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, one of the head honchos that forgot where New Orleans was two years ago this week.

Of course, the name being tossed around as a replacement for Chertoff is Clay Johnson III.

The good news is that we know Johnson has an extensive background in disaster management. He was George W. Bush’s roommate at Andover. If he has any otherqualifications, they remain to be seen.

It’s certainly not unusual for a president’s inner circle to depart in the last half of a second term. But in this case, it appears to be a symptom of political impotence. It’s been said that 32 is the temperature at which political influence freezes. With this White House’s approval ratings, 32% seems like the good old days.

When you play politics like it’s a game, the time comes when you eventually have to lose. All the president’s best players have left the field.

Hope Runner

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The problem with our lack of gun control in this nation is that many of our people are idiots, and we place destructive firepower in their hands.

Allen S. Davis was sentenced last month to 19 years in prison after pleading guilty in a shooting incident on his front lawn. A jury would have had a difficult time believing he could see well enough to pull off a head shot, yet couldn’t see well enough to determine that his “attackers” were two teenaged girls trying to catch a closer look at his “spooky house”.

As the judge said during sentencing, “…in this country, life is valued over property, and if someone is fleeing your property or on your property but not threatening you, you’re not allowed to just shoot them.”

Rachel Berezinsky, now 18, is paying a harsher price for trampling the grass on the sections of his property closest to the street than Davis is for recklessly firing two bullets that nearly ended her life. His sentence is nineteen years in prison. Hers is a lifetime in a wheelchair, as the bullets crippled the entire left side of her body.

When I read about this case, I couldn’t help thinking back to the Yoshihiro Hattori murder (And yes folks, despite what a jury says, this was a murder). On October 17, 1992, Hattori, a Japanese exchange student staying with a host family in Baton Rouge, was cut down by a bullet from yet another panicky homeowner.

Hattori and his friend Webb Haymaker had been invited to a Halloween party and got the address wrong. Neither of the boys were wearing anything that would obscure their identities— To the contrary, Hattori was dressed up in a “Saturday night Fever” disco suit. Yet when the two of them knocked at the door, Bonnie Peairs looked at her husband and said “Rodney, get your gun.”

Hattori and Haymaker went back to their car and were about to get in when Rodney Peairs answered the door. Haymaker saw the gun, but Hattori did not. As Hattori walked back to the door explaining in broken English that they were there for the party, Peairs fired a shot into his chest.

Hattori died in the ambulance a few minutes later from blood loss.

The defense in the criminal trial depended on making stupid sound reasonable. The boys rang the doorbell and never attempted to look inside a window; Yet the defense had to convince a jury that the Peairs family had reason to believe they were intruders. Rodney Peairs was a large man over six feet tall; Yet they had to convince a jury that he was reasonable to be frightened of a small Japanese boy weight only 130 pounds dressed not in a terrifying mask, but a white suit.

“You were safe and secure, weren’t you?” [District Attorney] Moreau asked Peairs during his appearance before the grand jury. “But you didn’t call the police, did you?”
“No sir.” Peairs said.
“Did you hear anyone trying to break in the front door?”
“No sir.”
“Did you hear anyone trying to break in the carport door?”
“No sir.”
“And you were standing right there at the door, weren’t you – with a big gun?”
Peairs nodded.
“I know you’re sorry you killed him. You are sorry, aren’t you?”
“Yes sir.”
“But you did kill him, didn’t you?”
“Yes sir.”

This is yet another weakness in the argument of gun control zealots who try and pretend that limiting the availability of the Street Sweeper is somehow tantamount to telling people they can’t defend their homes— How many times do Americans have to be demonstrated as having been too stupid to make the judgment call?

Q. Why would a Chinese toy manufacturer put toxic levels of lead into the toys that American children play with?

A. Because they can.

Current federal regulations allow lead paint to be used to coat children’s toys just as long as the lead content is six parts per million or less, which frankly, always seemed like a strange distinction to make— If there’s that little lead content allowed, why even use lead paint?

The problem is that not only is no one checking on that, but in recent years, the Bush Administration has undermined all efforts to put more stringent inspections in place.

From Carpetbagger:

Earlier this year, for example, the Bush administration decided to look the other way on lead in children’s lunchboxes. Here’s the deal: the CPSC had two ways of testing these vinyl lunchboxes used by children. One involves dissolving part of the vinyl to see how much lead is in the solution; the other involves swiping the surface of a bag and then determining how much lead has rubbed off.

Using the first method, the CPSC found that 20% of the lunchboxes exceeded safe levels of lead. In one instance, a lunchbox had 16 times the federal standard. Naturally, the CPSC ignored these test results, using the swipe/rub-off tests exclusively. What’s more, as the AP explained, researchers changed their testing protocol: “After a handful of tests, they increased the number of times they swiped each bag, again and again on the same spot, resulting in lower average results.” The test results also show that many lunchboxes were tested only on the outside, which isn’t where the food goes.

80% of the toys America’s children play with are made in China. Very few are inspected, and those that are get soft-pedaled through the inspection process.

And once again, when political ideology and public safety clash, the Bush White House offers their time-honored solution:

President George W. Bush last month ordered the creation of a panel to study whether the U.S. needs more stringent safeguards for imported food and other consumer products.

Translation: The horse is already out, so hurry up and shut the barn door.

Please allow me to send out a news flash to the president who seems to have eaten a few lead paint chips too many as a child. We already have a panel that is designed to create safeguards for food and other consumer products. They’re called the FDA and the lesser-known Consumer Product Safety Commission.

See, when Clinton was looking for a CPSC chairman, he actually looked for a consumer advocate and chose Ann Brown, a consumer watchdog with 20 years of experience.

When Brown stepped down in 2001, the Bush White House did its normal rigorous pre-screening process and looked through its donor lists for Hal Stratton, co-chair of “Lawyers For Bush 2000”. Not a single new regulation appeared under Stratton’s watch, and was perhaps best known for taking the position that while he would not allow his daughters to play with water yo-yos, a toy banned in several countries because of the strangling danger associated with them, that he would not seek to ban them in the United States.

When Stratton stepped down in 2006, the Bush Administration replaced him with Michael Baroody. Baroody had exactly the kind of background the Bush Administration loves— Not only was he the top lobbyist for the National Association of Manufacturers, working hard to not only roll back regulation but absolve manufacturers of all wrongdoing, but he’s also the son of American Enterprise Institute co-founder William Baroody.

Okay, this is insane.

Earlier this month, Israel’s Channel 10 interviewed Israeli soldiers who said they had witnessed Egyptian security officers executing several Darfur refugees.

According to Channel 10, their testimonies were backed up by Israeli military security cameras that showed Egyptian soldiers shooting and killing several asylum-seekers.

Channel 10 did not air the video.

So how is Israel responding to the refugees from Darfur sneaking across the border into Israel?

They’re sending them back to Egypt.

You would think that if any nation could be sympathetic to a people fleeing genocide, it would be Israel. Instead, they labeled the Darfur refugees as “economic refugees” and sent them back because the government that’s trying to kill them has no diplomatic ties to Israel.

Human Rights Watch is asking the Egyptian government to investigate the deaths. Given their stellar record on human rights, I can only imagine how responsive the Egyptian government will be.

Okay, so you’ve escaped Darfur, traveling on foot, surviving off of the land in the driest place on earth. You make it into Egypt, but Egypt’s reputation is such that the best result you can hope for by staying there is to be sent back into Darfur. So you make your way to Israel, a nation whose current incarnation was founded in the ashes of genocide, and they not only send you back, but deliver you into the hands of Egyptian authorities.

Disgusting. Simply disgusting.